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The Subsea Tieback Foundation's mission is to inform, educate and introduce careers in the oil and gas industry specific to offshore and subsea disciplines.

About Us

Mission Statement

The Subsea Tieback Foundation’s mission is to inform, educate and introduce careers in the oil and gas industry specific to offshore and subsea disciplines.


What began as a round of golf before the 2005 Subsea Tieback (SSTB) Forum became the spark that ignited the creation of the Subsea Tieback Foundation. Sixteen industry professionals stopped at Magnolia Creek on the way to Galveston with the intention of simply playing golf and throwing some money into a hat for the winner.

 Instead, the group decided to use the money to fund a scholarship that supported a degree and a career in the subsea business.

The idea grew rapidly, and in 2006, a board of directors was formed and established as a separate legal entity under the official name Subsea Tieback Scholarship Fund. Funds were raised through annual golf tournaments scheduled to coincide with the SSTB Forum that were used to support a number of annual scholarships in the industry.

The Subsea Tieback Foundation is a domestic non-profit corporation organized to perform charitable activities within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). We graciously accept direct private and corporate donations to help further the Subsea Tieback Foundation’s mission. Our promise is to ensure the funds are used appropriately. There are no salaries or profits taken from the proceeds. All private donors will receive a receipt for donations and the accompanying 501(c) (3) paperwork for tax purposes. If you would like to donate directly, please feel free to contact one of the following STF board of directors members.

STF comprises of:

  • Seven board of directors members and a large number of support volunteers comprising of hundreds of years of experience in the offshore and subsea segments
  • Dedicated Education committee devoted to STEM outreach and educational outreach
  • University Relations team who works directly with a number of top University engineering programs (LSU, Texas A&M, The Ohio State University, University of Houston)
  • Business Development members dedicated to non-profit administration, legal, and budgeting
  • Events committees for yearly STF events

Educational Outreach

The process of engaging universities and students alike revealed a need for a greater cause: to inform and educate society at an even earlier stage about the offshore and subsea business, emphasizing how technically challenging and rewarding a career in these fields could be. See our education page to see the recent events that we have held.

The board recognized the higher impact that could be made through simple education and information transfer. There simply are not enough programs to generate awareness of our industry at the early planning stages of careers, and the information needs to be communicated through teachers, counselors, administrators, teacher conferences and the students themselves. In short, the “coolness” of our engineering disciplines and business in general simply is not well-known, and there are only a handful of teachers and professors that steer new minds toward considering a career in our industry. The problem is not necessarily a lack of interest or even a spin from negative media, but rather an “exposure void” that exists for the offshore and subsea sectors.

The STF has taken a special interest in targeting its funds toward the appropriate and most deserving students and programs. Our core values include an initiative that reminds the board of directors to target high-impact programs. We’ve met with more than 100 high school principals, counselors, teachers and administrators throughout Texas in an effort to better understand their needs, while gaining insight into how we can most efficiently communicate and meet the foundation’s goals.

In 2010, the board of directors established the Education Committee, whose primary purpose is to inform and educate the general public about the benefits of the offshore and subsea engineering business. Using seasoned industry professionals as volunteers the Education Committee reaches hundreds and even thousands of people with our message by organizing presentations and activities connected to various institutions and organizations.

Fundraising Events

Each year, STF coordinates three fundraising events centered around the Subsea Tieback Forum and Exhibition held each spring. Those events include:

Without events like these the organization would not be able to reach out to our communities and universities.